Bande framboises2 - raspberries from my garden

À l’image de ces opulents buissons de framboises, voici la qualité que je nous souhaite à tous pour cet été!

Ce sera une saison occupée côté écriture, avec une novella en travail pour une maison d’édition québécoise et trois nouvelles en anglais pour acceptées pour publication dans les anthologies Fiction River publié par WMG Publishing.



raspberries from my garden

As those heavy raspberry bushes show, generosity is a much-needed quality that I wish on all of us this summer!

This will be a busy writing season for me, with one novella to edit for a French Canadian publisher, and three texts accepted for publication in the Fiction River anthologies published par WMG Publishing.

2 responses to “Générosité

  1. Michèle Laframboise, You are such a talented and creative Canadian author, and your new book, called “THE GLOVE” is really intriguing (How interesting that it explores bullying and the roots of corruption). Both you and I have lots of experience with that.
    Since you have been publishing your many wonderful stories for the young, and adults too, in comics and books you have certainly grown as a writer and artist, and I love your good illustrations for these stories, so I’m sure that the new book will be just as enjoyable as they were. I’m looking forward to getting it and I really applaud and want to encourage you as an ‘up and coming’ author, here in Mississauga, and I encourage you so much to keep up with writing those fabulously woven together and interesting stories!
    I for one, thoroughly enjoyed the few I’ve seen before, and the one or two you showed me and now will be on the lookout for more. You are certainly a bright light for Ontario, who wants to enjoy both our native languages, French, and English, and I’m so pleased by meeting and knowing you!
    I’ll look for more at Image Collection and until our paths cross I’ll send you all the very best sparks of creativity from one franglasise heart to another.
    Brava Michèle!
    Juliet Gauthier

    • Wow Juliet,
      It’s heart-warming to get such a nice lettter. I am getting eventually to translate some of my novels in english and putting those up for sale on various electronic platforms, beginning this fall.

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